2017 new year's eve Event Details (Currently Showing 2017 Events; Updates for 2018 – October 15)

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3:00, 4:15 and 5:30 pm
The Goodlife Theater
The Recycling Pirates Puppet Show

at Christ Church - Meade Hall
3:00, 4:15 and 5:30

A rollicking puppet musical about pirate characters created from trash. Led by Captain Jack Sparetire, they sail the urban seas looking for things that can be recycled, reused, reduced and repaired. A great way to teach children about the need and ease of recycling. Jeanne Wall provides the sparkle and Joe Pipik is a veteran puppeteer. They got together in 1994 and founded Goodlife Puppet Theatre. We are excited to have them this year as they have performed at the Kennedy Center and the Wolftrap Theatre. Family Fun!
The Goodlife Theater - The Recycling Pirates